Night tour to Saint Catherine

Places we visit: Saint Catherine, Nuweiba.
Number of days: 1, 9 pm to 5 pm on the following day.
Language: English (a supplement for a different language).
Comprised meals: Lunch.
The tour includes: Pick up from hotel in Eilat, an escorting tour guide, lunch.
The tour does not include: Border taxes and tips, personal expenses, travel abroad insurance.
Tour description: The trip to Saint Catherine takes about two and a half hours, driving along the seascapes and sandy beaches of the Sinai Peninsula.
Upon arrival around 1 am, we immediately begin climbing the Mount of Moses. The region where this high mountain (locally called Jebel Musa) is located is the center of the Sinai Peninsula. It is considered the most important one in the Biblical story of the Book of Exodus. This is where Moses veiled his face in the presence of God during the revelation of Mount Sinai when the Torah was handed down. Numerous paths wind up this mountain, frequented by hundreds of travelers and pilgrims climbing up to see the formidable sunrise from the top. The area has an abundance of enchanted spots, fruit laden orchards, and refreshing water pools.
This high mountain region is located at about 170 km from Taba, and about 35 km south of Nuweiba.

In the morning we will climb down the mountain for a brief rest and freshening up. Afterwards we will tour the famous monastery (for a supplement you can also visit the museum located within the
monastery). We will go to a nearby hotel for lunch, and then proceed to Nuweiba for a short tour and some free time to roam around the Bedouin markets of the town. Late afternoon we will drive back to the Taba border crossing.
In summer we can conclude the tour with a sea dip on the enchanted beaches Nuweiba.

Important information:
It is permitted to carry food or beverages at the Egyptian terminal.
Make sure you have your passport and that it is valid for at least 3 months.
When making reservations you must fill in the following data:
- Full name in English, as spelled in your
- Passport number.
- Date of issue and date of expiry.
- Date of birth.

The tour will operate with a minimum of three travelers.
In summer it is advisable to take along swim suits, towels and snorkeling equipment.

There may be some itinerary and timetable changes, due to factors beyond our control, such as weather, etc.


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